How can Play-A-Latte Cafe improve multiuse room booking system?

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Play-A-Latte Cafe is an indoor playground and cafe. We would like to make customer bookings easier to navigate and minimize the change of double booking the play room but can't find the best approach to do it.


We're looking for a way to book the play area for 60 mins at specific start times 10am, 11:30am and 1pm for either Open play or private play. Open play allows up to ten tickets to be purchased for a time slot and Open play is one single purchase. Now if someone books an open play for even one ticket, I'd like it to block private play from being available for the time slot and vice versa of private is booked it blocks and open play tickets from being sold. And we want this to work for just about any day of the month.


We've tried to use some apps and they'll manage the scheduling side for booking but the ability to set inventory to zero for another product/variant seems impossible. 

Any Thoughts?

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