How can we implement barcode discounts at our POS?

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Hi all, we are launching a retail store soon and as a promotion we would like to give out some vip invite cards. On the card we would like to have a barcode, that when scanned at the POS would add a % discount on the value of the cart.


Having looked through some discussions on here, and searched the web, I haven't yet come across the feature or a third party app that can offer this.


Does anyone have any advice or solutions around how we can achieve this? 


Thanks in advance for your help


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Shopify Partner
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Shopify POS used to have this feature but it was removed after their codebase update. Unfortunately there is no way to do it now.

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Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't care for their POS customers, so it's not possible to have coupons for your business. Pretty lame.