How do i stop customers stop downloading my photographs

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I have just opened my new photography online store selling my photography I've had alot of interest but no orders and I have just figured out customers can just right click my photographs and click download then they get it without paying but how can I prevent that 

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You could add some code to your theme to disable the download via right click but visitors of your store will still be able to take screenshots of the photos.


You could instead only show a preview of your work with a transparent logo of your shop over the photos and maybe even in low quality. That way they can't really use the photos if they download them. If someone makes an order then you provide the original photo to them.


If you don't already have a license protecting your work from unauthorized copying and use, add one and make it clear that downloading and using your photos without your consent is not allowed. 


All the best!

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@Paigee96 wrote:

 I have just figured out customers can just right click my photographs and click download

Is there any analytical proof this is why there are no orders.

Avoid the trap of easy scapegoats that will consume time and attention taking away from finding real root causes.


If the business is selling low resolution digital imagery online and you want customers to see products before purchase then the reality is you cannot.

All the gymnastics to try and prevent this reality can be more headache and more costly than it's worth. 


If you disable right click this will not stop savvy users, browsers without javascript, or stop users from leaving due to annoyance with the site removing a context menu that has valid uses such as accessibility or copying text.

Avoid disabling right clicking for text as that is a big user annoyance and just makes it harder for people to share info about your wares.


The product photography shown should be much lower resolution than any final product but not so low that they impact the perception of the quality of the product itself.

They should be obviously watermarked, any any watermark should make it easy to find the originating website either by direct url or a web search of the trademark or artist name, etc.

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I think it would make the most sense for you to use a watermark/copyright app and place the watermark dead center in the photos so they cannot be easily reused by others. This will allow you to upload high quality versions of your work without allowing people to steal your artwork.