How do you handle offline POS orders during internet outages?

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What are people doing during situations when internet or cellular service goes down and credit/debit transactions are needed?


Send Cart

This isn't ideal for us because we lose the impulse purchase, since they can decide not to complete it later on their own.

Draft Order

It doesn't seem possible to create a draft order from the iPhone POS app.

Custom Payment Option

This method automatically marks orders paid, so it would have to be canceled and reordered, and it still requires copying credit card information someplace for placing the payment later (not ideal).


Thank you.

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Are customers walking off with merchandise? Or this is for sales orders
that aren't being fulfilled immediately?

I've never tried this but I guess you're wanting POS to capture and
securely store the CC info even if it isn't able to connect to a network at
that moment to execute a transaction? I personally don't use Shopify
Payments for POS sales so I don't know how POS's "Offline Mode" works with
regards to payments.
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The vast majority of in-person sales are shipped to customer, with only a few exchanging merchandise during the transaction.


Shopify's POS can't do offline credit card transactions. Square can though.