How does Shopify's new system impact credit card processing?

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Mr. Tobi Lutke

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Dear Mr. Lutke, 

I am writing to you to express my complete frustration and disappointment as a customer of Shopify.  

We made the switch to Shopify in April of 2020 from another provider.  One of the main reasons to make that change was Shopify provided us with the ability to manage our on-line store and our brick and mortar store on the same platform.  A key part of that offering was the platform also allowed us to integrate our credit card processing into the system allowing us for a streamlined approach at check out that minimized potential entry errors when using a non-integrated processor.  The system has worked well and we were reasonably happy with making the change.

We have recently been advised by Shopify that we must now change from the current system to the “all new Shopify”.  We understand the need for change and are pleased that Shopify is taking steps to improve their system however this change will result in the loss of our Moneris integrated credit card processing capability.  When we objected to this we were told we could adopt the Shopify chip reader system.  I am sure you are aware there are numerous documented technical problems with the Shopify chip reader system but even beyond those issues there are other operational considerations that seem to have been overlooked. 

Let's start with the need for PIN entry.  The Shopify system does not have a place for PIN entry.  Your support people tell us they can simply enter the PIN on our POS screen.  Frankly I am not at all excited by the idea that we would allow customers the opportunity to touch the equipment we are reliant upon to operate our entire store.  In addition, it would appear that whomever came up with this solution is not aware we are physically separated from our customers by a barrier to comply with COVID 19 protocols.  The customers couldn’t get to our POS even if we wanted them to.  Then there is the need to keep  the equipment clean. 

When these issues were pointed out to your customer relations teams the answer got back was “oh well we are making a change” and it was clear there was nothing they could, or would, do about the problem.

When we made the change to Shopify we did so at considerable expense and resources to migrate our system to Shopify. We also invested a considerable amount of time training ourselves and our staff on how to use the system.  Here we are less than a year later and we are being told we have a choice between the chip reader or to revert to a non-integrated Moneris system.  When we raised our objection to this reduction in the level of service we are paying for the response was essentially “too bad”.  When I pointed out our frustration, I was directed to your terms of service agreement, not a great customer service tool. 

I understand Shopify’s desire to fully monetize its credit card processing and commend you for taking steps to do so for the benefit of your shareholders. At the same time Shopify should also take steps to ensure its customers are not harmed in the change process.  It probably would have been instructive for Shopify to take the time to consult with its customers prior to this change.  If presented with a workable solution we would have moved forward however you have forced us to go shopping for a new POS system provider and that is truly disappointing.


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In addition to the statement Willoworchid posted in there letter I would add some basic items that any business needs to operate.

As a primary Brick & Mortar business the POS system has many flaws or overlooked items. We have been with Shopify since May 2020. Now forced to explore other plateforms.

#1 Simple manual returns at retail POS when a customer does not have any type receipt or know the actual name it was purchased under.
        Just like custom sales only reverse. Return, Select item, How to credit customer, Cash or gift card. This is so that the gift giver isn’t notified that that there gift was returned.
#2 Ability to do as many returns or exchanges on the sale as the merchant wants. Not just ONE.
#3 A cardreader that is hardwired & durable.
#4 Ability to put a collection on sale. Not one at a time.
#5 A simple note field 100 characters on the product listing page.
#6 A vender list under Products.
#7 Admin Home Page. Communication on what Shopify is working on. Updates to system.
#8 Sell an online gift card and have the gift card go to the recipient with a note field attached on why they're getting the gift card.

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Well I got back the standard cut and paste response from Shopify.  No real surprise there:

"Currently our POS system does not have the Moneris setup you are looking at as a function, nor can we make a work around. With that being said, we are always looking to improve our products, and your request for this is really valuable feedback to us. I have submitted your suggestion to our product team to review, with the hopes of adding this feature in the near future. Thank you for expressing how adding this could positively affect your business."

It is clear they don't care or understand...I am not looking for them to "improve" their product I am asking them to not take away the functionality it currently has.

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Hey Tobi, Do you read anything, so you can fix things!

Hire more help (developers) so over paying customers have functioning systems!

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Revenue > Customer care.  Shareholders only care about short term revenue increase, sorry as customers we are out of luck.  Time to bail.