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How is Doing Physical Inventory with Shopify POS?

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I am considering switching from Quickbooks POS to Shopify POS, and had a question about doing physical inventory with Shopify POS.  With quickbooks POS, we currently have a portable barcode scanner that we use for doing physical inventory, that way we can walk around the store and scan everything and do an upload at the end of the day, and then run a report showing all of the inventory differences etc.  This way we can track shrink etc.  How do you do physical inventory with Shopify POS when you have a lot of items? 

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You can't do it within Shopify POS. But take a look at Stocky or StockSavvy.

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I have Shopify POS as well. So you need to know before making that jump that the Shopify POS is just the actual "point of sale" portion is does not have any inventory management features, it is just a "register".  For all of the inventory management features you need additional apps such as Stocky (basic but free in the app store) or many many others all over the internet that you pay for. You will also need a app to connect it to QB if you use that for accounting.


BUT another thing you can do is use a app like Shoplink Integrator (I have no connection except that I use it). What it will do it connect the Shopify to your QB POS, then you can use Shopify admin and Shopify POS for all the front end and sync it all down into the QB POS to manage inventory, vouchers, purchase orders, stake take, cost of good sole, ect AND then QB POS of course updates everything in QB accounting. That is a good solution if you are already fully utilizing QB POS. 


That is what I would do at least at first since you already know how to use QB POS.....then once you get a process going you can get a feel for what may be missing for you and look for something else to replace the QB POS. But I think its a pretty decent setup that can carry you pretty far....I wouldnt purchase QB POS if I was doing this from scratch, I'd use something else like Dear Inventory...but since I already had QB POS and it didnt cost me anything, I went this route.