How should I price my products for maximum customer satisfaction?

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My business is still in the early growing phases; unlike drop shipping, we have our own inventory, and the ads are professional high-class brand-style ads, which dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction. However, our products are still available in places like Amazon and Aliexpress as we want to ensure the direction is right for us.


Our cost for the product to be made and sent to our storage is $16 per unit, whereas Amazon sells it from $24 - $50. I hit the same market price with 1-3 days delivery for $39.99. However, the ad agency I hired did not believe in my product (he thinks all dropship products don't have potential) and suggest I market the price as high as possible since the early stage CPA (cost per acquisition) will be as high as $200. 


I am deeply worried and concerned about what I should do; this is crucial for me because my ad budget is around $3000-$5000, and I don't want to throw it into the fire pit in return for nothing...


Please help! 

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