How to access cash added/removed report in Shopify POS?

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We migrated our business over to Shopify POS from Quickbooks POS back in July 2023, and we are having trouble finding some info for tax season. We used to use the "payout" function in Quickbooks to pay consignors of our business straight from our cash drawer, but in Shopify we were advised to simply use the add/remove cash from drawer function. Now we are at the end of the tax year and need to access all of the cash removed info in a concise way, but we are not seeing a way to do so...


We know the info is in there, if we go through cash tracking and go day by day it is listed among all our transactions, but has anyone found a way to access ONLY cash added/removed info? Quickbooks had it organized in a payout list, is there anything like that?



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