HOW TO ADD A PRODUCT to a supplier, when that product is ALREADY associated with another supplier.

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I've called in, I've emailed in, I've done the live chat, and yet support is unable to answer this question for me. Hoping that I may have luck with an actual end user retail store who has managed to find where this is buried in Stocky.


I have multiple suppliers that carry the same products. Sometimes I want to order it from Supplier A, sometimes I want to order it from Supplier B. Currently, all your products are pulled from the 'vendor' section on Shopify. So you get to enter one vendor. Then turn that vendor into a supplier. Now I have all my suppliers turned into suppliers properly in Stocky. How do I add a product to a supplier that is currently assigned to another one?

If you select manual vs auto for importing items, it UNCHECKS every single item associated with that supplier. I can't go and manually select for thousands of skus, just so I can add in one sku now and again. There has to be a simple way to say 'Supplier B also sells this product' and associate it with both those suppliers. Please help!

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