How to change default currency after first sale

How to change default currency after first sale

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Hello I want to change my default currency PKR to USD. After first sale made by me I can't change my default currency. Help me ASAP to change currency or suggest me any app to install and setup my google sales channel. Because PKR does not supported currency on google
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Hi @Mehran1,


If you want to change your currency after your first sale, you have to contact Shopify Support to have them change it for you.


Follow these steps to contact Shopify Support:

  • Go to Help Center and log in to your store.
  • Select a topic from the ones provided:


  • On the following page, select a sub-topic (the sub-topic options will differ based on the initial topic you've selected):


  • After choosing a sub-topic, scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you'll see our available support options under Get Support:


I hope this helps.