How to charge POS in a different currency from website?

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Hi everyone!


Does anyone have experience selling in person using a POS card reader outside their country? I'm from Canada and want to sell at a trade show in the USA.


My store is in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and I'm looking for ways I can accept debit/credit card payments in US dollars. It would be odd to sell in the US and charge customers in CAD. They might also be surprised with a foreign exchange fee in their bank account if I do this... I


I've asked Shopify Help and they said I can upgrade my plan to have multiple currencies on my website. But still does not solve the foreign exchange fee because Shopify can only connect 1 bank account. Are there other ways I can go about this without upgrading?


I was looking into buying a card reader on Square, Stripe, or Paypal.


I appreciate your help!

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I'm having the same problem, would be curious to see the outcome (other than having to change my store currency to USD).


Shopify payment is already setup to accept payments in the United States, the only problem is to be able to change/display USD currency and pricing within POS.


Already have the language and currency selectors on my online store, would be nice to have that option for the POS to really be considered mobile (outside of Canada). Global market!