how to create bundles page without popups?

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I'm starting a family co-ord matching fashion label and i'm planning to create 'bundles' on my website (has its own tab next to NEW), in which will have bundles such as 1 parent+1 kid sets at a discounted price, 2parents+1kid etc...I was wondering how I could make this while keeping track of the inventory of each piece sold in the bundle? I've had a look at the apps but theyre all just pop up bundles. 



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Hi @niktrogen 


This is Jun from Bundle Kit. Our app is able to meet your needs.


Bundle Kit bundles are built on top of normal Shopify products and Shopify supports up to 3 variant options and 100 variants per product.


Your bundle will also have its own product page.


Here's a guide on how to create a mix-and-match bundle using our app:


The bundle inventory is automatically set based on the available inventories of the bundle item(s), including the inventories of the variants. Proper quantity will also be taken out of the inventory of each bundle that is being purchased.


Let us know if you have any questions. 

Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.

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Hello @niktrogen,


What's the number of product variant combinations you aim to showcase on a single product page? If it falls within Shopify's limit of 100 variants, you can certainly accomplish this using Simple Bundles with our mix-and-match bundle configuration.


To start, you can establish a basic product on Shopify that includes either your bundle variants or the individual products that constitute the bundle.




A quick screen recording here shows how it should look on the storefront.


On your Shopify admin, you'll see the bundle along with its individual SKUs added to the order after the order is created. You still have the option to sell these individual SKUs separately.


Then, we have a feature available through the app where you can automatically sync inventory for bundle quantities. You just have to ensure that product variants are all quantity tracked in Shopify as well.  This will ensure that the app adjusts the inventory of the parent bundle based on the individual items.




If you need any help, feel free to reply on the thread. Thanks!


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