How to display barcoded item details on screen using Shopify?

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We have been using Shopify for some years now and have an idea that would be useful to us and maybe others, hopefully the Shopify community can help.


Is it possible to run a piece of code that would look up a price from a barcoded item and then display on the screen the main image, description and more importantly the price. Then after a set period 10 seconds or on return would reset for next price check.


This would run either on a simple tablet or PC / monitor with a barcode scanner pull live information from Shopify either networked or via wi-fi.


We sell a large number of music books which are all barcoded but the publishers are moving to not pricing individually. This would allow the customer to look up the price without having to take to the sales desk.


Any help ideas would be useful, thanks in advance.


Hopefully that makes sense.



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