How to download apps by location on POS system?

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I have a Shopify POS customer that is set up with multiple locations across the US. Is there a way to download apps by location from the Shopify App Store? We want some apps working for some locations and not in others, and we want to set up the same app for each location (it would mean multiple app downloads) as each location has a slightly different set up. The customer doesn’t want to set up a separate Shopify POS for each location.

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Hey ReplenishMe 

This is going to be really tough as Shopify doesn't really have much when it comes to location-by-location limits. To not use apps in some locations is a bit easier you can simply not include the app tile on that locations POS till. If your customer is on Shopify Plus you could use expansion stores for each POS location to a limit of course but then you lose lots of the benefits that comes with running everything on the same admin. 

Let me know a bit more about what your customer is trying to achieve and I would be happy to brainstorm some solutions with you.