How to integrate Shipbob with POS without disrupting online orders?

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Hi! My online orders are fulfilled by Shipbob. I'm attending a tradeshow next month and I also need to take POS payments. I don't want to mess up my online orders going through shipbob. 


If I switch the Inventory location from Shipbob to "Multiple Locations", It looks like I lose Shipbob and only the POS location appears. 


The only way I can think to solve this is to create a new product that is only available POS. Is that the best way?




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Shopify Partner
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Hey! I'd reach out to SB support on this to see if they have any ideas - surely this is a common question. For us, we're able to create automation rules to automatically filter out orders for a variety of reasons, so it's simple to set up. If they can't help, that may be your best option. It'd also help keep your product reports clean if you want to sort out in-person vs online sales. Feel free to reach out though if you're ever looking for a new fulfillment partner - Simpl Fulfillment. 🙂