How to migrate POS data in a Shopify store transfer?

Shopify Partner
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Hello, I am a Shopify Partner for several years
I tried to find the solution to this problem with Shopify's support, unfortunately, this time it didn't help. Until today I have built parking lots and migrated to stores.
This time I have a slightly different case
I wanted to ask, please
A store within Shopify that I transfer to a new account in Shopify - doing the whole migration process as usual.
I have no experience with Shopify POS I have never seen how it works it is quite limited in my country. In any case, they have a physical store and a POS connected to the store. I wanted to know if all the data will be damaged ?  How and should I transfer the POS data to the new account? Or should I just reinstall POS there?
I would appreciate help and guidance

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