How to prevent a return from processing on POS system after X days?

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So, return policies can be set for the Online Store, but I don't see a way to enforce return/refund policies on the POS device.


Some of our employees cannot seem to grasp looking at a date on a receipt to determine if it violates our return policy or not.  We have a 30 day return/refund policy on all of our items and some items we don't allow returns on.  However, our employees are not always diligent enough to check the date on the receipt to see if it violates these policies.


I would like a way to prevent (or warn) the POS device user that the return is either not eligible or simply deny the return/refund if it violates our return policy.  Any ideas on how this can be done?  Again, this is for the POS device only.

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Your best bet is to set the staff members - who can't "seem to grasp looking at a date on a receipt" - with the "approval required" condition for refunding and exchanging orders. 


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So then whenever they go to do a refund or exchange, they need to get a manager/boss (or someone who knows how to read receipts) to enter their pin to approve the transaction, so that they can proceed with the refund. 


To answer your question directly -- I don't believe there's a way to set a return window for POS at this time. I found the same help docs you did, which shows how to set this up for the online store (but it doesn't mention anything about POS). 

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Thanks for that.  Unfortunately, our situation would require that person WITH permissions to always be on premises - and that just isn't possible.  I appreciate your suggestion for sure so thank you!