How to quickly import thousands of products to an online store?

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We have been a retail store for 20 years and would like to get all of our current stock onto shopify POS & our shopify online store so it is all on one system. However, there are thousands of products and it is a monumental task. Is there a faster way than adding each item in individually or using a csv spreadsheet (which isn't a whole lot faster when you have to manually fill it in for each product)? Barcodes? 

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Hi @mcgifts,

If you have data feed, you can try using my app Feeds Bridge which allows you to map you source data columns into shopify fields and whole catalog will be imported into your shopify store.

IF you have any questions you can also contact me via email:

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Hi @mcgifts,


Do you have any system that keeps the product details currently? Can you export them in any format?

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The inventory isn’t recorded on any program at all. We just have the physical stock. We don’t even know everything that we have at the moment.

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I should add that the products are not recorded in any way. We just have the physical stock with no computerised record of what or how much we have 

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Hi! Unfortunately, you're correct that this is going to be a monumental
task. And it's going to take significant effort equal parts at a computer
as well as physically in your store. How do you currently check customers
out? Are you scanning UPCs? Or does each product have a price tag and you
type that in? Where does all the information about what products you carry
currently reside? What's your process for reordering merchandise?

No matter what system you move to, you'll have to undertake the same prep
work of cataloging your products.