How to set up POS-only items and adjust pricing at checkout?

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I have two questions for the community.

  1. I would like to set up a misc item code that is not available for online transactions and only available for POS. Additionally, I want to be able to set the sales price during checkout. The use the example is I have old apparel items that are not in my inventory and I don't want to set them up to be purchased online. The price is negotiable at the time of sale, so I need the flexibility to set the price during checkout.
  2. I also have a bulk item that I would like to add to my Shopify store, but I want it tagged as available in stores only and not available for online sales. The reason for this is the related shipping costs.
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Hi there!  We've run into the same issue of selling variably priced products and services via the POS and we have found the only way around it is by using the POS Variable Priced Products app.  It works great and solved our problem around variable priced products.  You should be able to choose what channels each item is available on via the product page.