How to simplify plant label printing with barcodes and prices?

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Looking for a solution for printing a label for plants. Using a program called Gardenware to print plant wrap/stick tags with barcode and prices. Looking for something to simplify pricing of items. Anything out there that even comes close? 

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Is this about trying to integrate with Gardenware or replace it.

What is the actual process that Gardenware doesn't allow. a quick look doesn't show if they have an api or not. 


Is there something that cannot be achieved by using CSV export products and a spreadsheet program.


There are export apps like matrixify, ez-exporter that may help with the export.

And scriptable automation tools like usemechanic that can work with barcodes   and create pdfs . (though i'm not 100% sure if it can change numbers to visual barcodes by itself) 


Also the shopify-flow app by shopify connects to google-sheets

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