How to streamline the POS checkout process on Shopify?

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I own a retail store and I am currently migrating from another platform to shopify. I love most features of shopify, but I am really frustrated with the checkout portion on the POS. Is there any way to avoid needing to use the search bar when scanning, add an item, to then exit from the item/clear search bar and start over? I am used to being at the checkout screen, and begin scanning my barcodes. No extra steps required. The current process is tedious and requires a ton of extra steps vs being able to just begin scanning products. If someone is buying one or two items I don't think it would be a big deal, but large purchases really slows down the checkout process, and this is a huge problem when we go to pop-up shows and fairs. 

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Something's wrong. You should be able to just scan on the home screen. No
need to tap into the search bar first. The only thing I can thing of is if
you're using some sort of in-house barcode that's looking in the Variant
SKU field as opposed to a standardized UPC code or Shopify-generated
barcodes that are stored in the Variant Barcode field.
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I agree. You should be able to scan multiple items from the POS home page without leaving the page.

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Hi @backroads,


We have a point-of-sale app called "Sales Terminal" that has a cleaner interface than Shopify POS. It works either from your browser or from the Shopify Mobile app.


You can use an external handheld scanner to scan barcodes directly into the app without having to "set focus" on the search box or you can use your device camera to scan barcodes. We support exchanges, refunds, editing of old orders, receipt printing, increasing or decreasing prices, and Shopify discount codes. We charge $10 per month per Shopify location with a 15-day free trial.





Let us know if you have any questions.



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