How to use third party processors with Shopify POS?

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I am frustrated beyond words.  I set up my shopify store and bought a tablet so I can sell using Shopify POS.  Shopify will not allow me to use Shopify Payments due to being "high risk" on my online store so I signed an agreement with a gateway and bank that will work with my store.  I purchased a card reader from my gateway provider only to find out it is not compatible with a tablet and I cannot use it with shopify POS. I have wasted 2 days trying to get support from shopify and my 3rd party processor with both of them alternately telling me I need to talk to the other company, they aren't responsible for my problem.

Shopify now says I should use shopify payments on my POS device.  But they won't guarantee that they won't close down my account if I sell something they consider high risk.  Nor is Shopify willing to talk to the provider of my card reader to provide a solution nor to offer me farther technical support on the matter.  I am locked into a plan where I need to have monthly sales with this 3rd party merchant now.  Any solutions out there?

I have nothing good to say about shopify at this time. 

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