I'm looking for solution/apps to take orders in physical stores without POS

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Hello Dear Community Members


We've just launched Light-stories.com : we print art photographs and display them in wooden light boxes. It's a unique object between arts and decoration.


We also distribute through local art stores who display and sell our boxes. However, it's more like affiliation (they don't buy from us), just showcase, convince customers and get a commission for every sale.


My question : how could I automate orders in store WITHOUT using the shop's POS? Ideally, customer would flash a code that identifies the shop, enters email. This would trigger a temporary order and send an email from us inviting the customer to complete the payment on his/her mobile while in the store.


My guess is that Flow would do but I'm looking for a simpler system.


Thanks in advance




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Hi @jdesarnauts ,

You can use a bot for this. If there are a fixed number of products, you can list them on the bot, have them place an order, and take payments also from the bot. If you have a system, the bot can be integrated with the bot where all order details can go.

You can check Engati's solution here or reach out directly, I can help you with the set up.

Reach out to me directly or visit Engati if you need more help 🙂