I'm unable to create seprate discount for Online Store or POS using Shopify Orders Discount function

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I want to know how with the help of the Shopify orders discount function I can create a discount that applies to only the store that I want to apply.
I want to create a discount that gives a discount of 10% off then the amount is 100 or greater only for online store users. and the second discount I want to create that gives a discount on the same amount but 20% and only for POS(point of sale) users but I'm unable to create that. if I created the first discount it also applied to the POS user as well
Q. How can I create a discount using the Shopify Orders Discount function?
Ans: I know about it. As of now.
Q. What are the steps to specify the conditions for the discount to apply only to the online store users not to POS?
Q. How can I ensure that the discount applies only to POS (Point of Sale) users and not to online store users?
Q. How can I ensure that the discount applies to both store users?
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