Important Feature Request: Local Pickup Option FIRST before shipping....(or hide shipping option)

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We are doing local pickup only, and because we can neither hide the regular shipping option or put the local pickup first, we get about half the people filling in the shipping section.  Even though we have limited this to local pickup as well, it means that the ability to send out a "ready to pickup" message and then mark when it is actually picked up is missing for half our customers.  With the shipping option, we have to mark it as fulfilled when we put it together and have no way to easily mark when/if it gets picked up.  


This is a truly frustrating pain in the ass thing that can be easily changed by the ability to set local to default, or to hide the shipping option.  It looks like this has been requested for many, many years, but giving how many of use are doing curbside at the moment, it is much more important now. 

Can anyone at Shopify give feedback if this is actually going to be changed? 

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