Improving the Draft Order Functionality in Shopify POS

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Regarding the draft orders in Shopify POS, I would like to propose the following improvements:

  1. Adding a search function for draft orders
    When there are many draft orders, it can be difficult to find the desired order. By adding a function to search by draft number (e.g., #D01335) or customer ID, it will be possible to quickly find the target draft order. This is expected to improve the efficiency of POS operations.
  2. Issuing barcodes for draft orders
    It would be even more convenient if there was a function to issue a receipt barcode indicating the draft number when saving a draft order. By scanning this barcode with a scanner, the draft order can be immediately loaded into the cart. This allows for quick retrieval of the desired draft order, greatly improving operational efficiency.
  3. Adding order tags from POS
    The ability to easily assign order tags from POS tiles or other means is also strongly desired. While the main purpose is to integrate with Shopify Flow and third-party apps, it goes without saying that order tags can be utilized for various purposes, just like regular order tags. By effectively using order tags, business efficiency and customer management can be expected to improve.

Implementing these improvement proposals will make the draft order function of Shopify POS more user-friendly and efficient. These features will streamline the work of store staff and contribute to improving customer satisfaction.


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Shopify Staff
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Hey, @KobeRibbon.


Thank you for reaching out and sharing these improvement suggestions.


We'd be happy to share your feedback with our Development team. However, we wouldn't be able to provide any timelines on these feature requests. If Shopify moves forward with any changes to the draft orders or Shopify POS, then we'll be sure to announce them on the Shopify Changelog.


If you have any other feed back or questions on this topic, then don't hesitate to let us know!

Elias | Social Care @ Shopify 
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