In Shopify POS, how to stop selling out of stock items?

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In Shopify eCommerce sites I've setup, I can effectively stop someone from buying an item that is out of stock in our inventory.  This works well.


In Shopify POS, however, there's no indication that an item is out of stock, and the system lets me sell it.  In fact, I can sell 100 of an item that is out of stock, if I wanted to.


This is an issue for us.  We may have an item in the retail store that has already been sold online, or for some other reason we've set the inventory to zero.  I don't want to oversell in our POS.


In our product setup, we're tracking inventory, and "Continue selling when out of stock" is not ticked.  This is a problem regardless of whether I've ticked "This is a physical product" or not.


Anyone know how to block a POS sale when the product inventory hits zero?


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It's not currently possible.
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Thanks for the reply.  This seems like a significant problem for an inventory system!

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The system informs the cashier when inventory is 0. Just tell your staff not to sell an item whose inventory is 0.

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I have this same problem.  Shopify POS is highly problematic in many ways.  We also have the problem where the POS system gets clogged up showing products that are not available for sale.  It takes the staff enormous time sorting through unavailable items to find the item that is actually being purchased.  So time consuming.  We are looking into other systems and wonder if others have found better solutions?

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Facing the same issue...  Did you find any solution?
Ideally it will be great d if we can completely hide the out of stock from appearing on the specific store POS Menu. So staff will need to browse through less items before they find the correct one (for items with no barcodes) But if not, so at least not being able to add it to cart will be a good start.

I think Shopify POS developers should work with actual Retails staff to understand our needs better.
There are also issues with the Auto barcodes which goes to the wrong section of Internationally recognized barcode rather than internal SKU. That get you suspended from Google merchant.

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Maybe. About a week ago I got an email about some system improvements - including more warnings if an item is out of stock. It still doesn’t prevent selling the item ( it is definitely not hidden) but it sounds like it will be harder to ignore the out of stock situation. I think a simple config setting is needed, but - baby steps.

When I get some time I will check it out. Let me know if you need more info.

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Hi any luck?