In store purchases for customers

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I want my customers to come into my store scan products into a virtual cart and pay for them wirelessly using their mobile device. Then show a receipt before exiting. Is there a shopify app that helps with this?


The only way I can think about making this happen is giving the products a webpage, that can not be accessed without scanning a QR Code attached to the physical product in store. Then allowing the customer to add it to their cart. Then scanning as many codes sending them to different pages without losing their cart history. Each product will be set for store pick-up only. Their purchased cart would trigger an order to be picked and then we would confirm the order was picked and picked-up by the customer at the door.


It's a bit complicated but wanted to make sure there was not a better way to do this.

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Hi @Drungo23,

You should take a look at the PWA Consumer App by ConnectPOS, which would assist your customers in fulfilling orders quickly!

One of our previous customers is ASUS Singapore. They are completely satisfied with our ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App. The app design is easy to use and can be customized to meet all your business's requirements, thus, improving the customer experience. 

Don't hesitate to contact our support team to receive a free demo in 14 days.

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