Individual Discounts On Printed Out Coupons

Individual Discounts On Printed Out Coupons

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I want to offer a 10% discount to individuals who come to shows. What is the best way to do this for something that I print out and hand them? Only that person. One-time use. 

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I looked into this a while back and don't believe there is a way to implement a scannable coupon into the POS system.

The work around would be to get 'official' looking coupons made from a business card provider that say something like 'Show this card and receive 10% off next purchase'. Swipe right in the POS app and add an extra page for quick discounts, put a 10% off tile in there and give it a little BOOP whenever someone shows up with a coupon!

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The lack of scannable coupons this late in the game is pretty unbelievable. I've been using Shopify POS since 2018 and this seems like such a low hanging fruit for the app team. To make matters worse, we use discounts on virtually every single transaction, and every single discount is unique to that customer so we can't do any quick discounts. With thousands of customers a month in foot traffic, that's a lot of typing.