Integrated stock keeping software (online/offline)

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I am looking for some advice on stock keeping software that can be used both online and offline.

I am looking for a programme that has the capabilities of scanning in/out barcodes, giving us exact stock numbers and hopefully then automatically updating our inventory on Shopify.

I have looked at a few review pieces, but I'm always sceptical on their ease of use. Another issue that may arise is that we currently have 2 separate fulfilment locations - one in the UK and one in the EU. In order to keep stock/inventory levels separate we run 2 stores.

As we're still a relatively small business, I would ideally be looking for something that can handle around 100 different product variants and if possible in 2 separate locations (although this isn't a necessity as we're open to purchasing the correct software twice).

Currently, we just plan to use barcodes created internally and not buy UPC/EAN barcodes as they will just be used for stock keeping.

Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

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Hey @FelixEnglish you can use an inventory system that will sync up and manage each inventory separately but together. our programme SKUSavvy is designed for warehouses and can be utilized for stores. It will hold your inventory, bin locations for inventory, as well as to pick-pack-ship all orders from your Shopify storefront. 

You can fulfill orders from one or the other store, and SKUSavvy will sync up across both. Keep all product information in one system and navigate across both storefronts using your phone's camera as a barcode scanner. 

Check it out at, it's free for the first user account and uses a private Shopify app to connect. 

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Hi @FelixEnglish 

Charlie here, Product Manager for EasyScan.

I think our app will be perfect for your use case.

Within EasyScan you can update and check your inventory using a barcode scanner. Plus you can fulfill and create orders with a scanner.

Plus it has a 10 day completely free trial! Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Please get in touch if you would like any more assistance here

Look forward to speaking with you!


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