Inventory manaagement workflow for both Shopify Online and Brick and Mortar

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We operate a retail shop primarily as a Brick and Mortar where we have always used Quickbooks POS.  We receive inventory into Quickbooks POS which then sends a bill to Quickbooks Desktop Pro to be paid.  With the addition of a Shopify Webstore, we incorporated Cartspan to sync inventories and transactions between the website and Quickbooks POS which then again are synced to Quickbooks Desktop.  This works well for the most part but we are evaluating Shopify POS for the brick and mortar and to consolidate inventory in one place plus incorporate more marketing features.  My concern is how to manage receiving inventory and paying for it while maintaining the reporting features we like in Quickbooks desktop.  We've looked at two options:

1.  Shopify Website > Webgility > Quickbooks POS 19(for Brick and Mortar) >Quickbooks Desktop - This is essentially what we are doing now but some of the transfer of Sales Tax numbers is not what we want and again float time between when inventories are updated is of concern.

2.  Shopify Website & POS > Quickbooks Retail Premier - here we would receive inventory in the Quickbooks Premier desktop which would be pushed up(by an integrator) to Shopify for both the website and retail and essentially having one inventory to work out of since we would only receive in Quickbooks and not sell out of it.  All of our accounting is in one place.

Sales tax is an issue to work with in both these situations.  If you've gone through this I would appreciate your input.  Is there a better way to do this/Am I missing something obvious here outside the box?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'm in the same position. Did you find a solution?