Inventory selling into negative quantity at multiple locations

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Our Shopify stores inventory is synced to 3 separate retail store locations, we ship from each location. All locations use Vend POS.


All stock is de-selected "continue selling when out of stock" and selected "track quanitity".


We are finding multiple instances where a Shopify order, which should be split across the individual stores inventories, is instead fulfilled from only one of the locations. Resulting in that locations inventory going into negative quantities.  It appears that Shopify is reading the sum total inventory of all three stores and deducting that from only one location, as opposed to deducting the correct inventory from each of the separate locations. This is a really bad problem as the location which has gone into negative then has to manually call each other location to fulfill the order correctly, we then have to adjust the inventory manually in Vend.


Can someone please help, we hope to have all of our six retail store locations synced to Shopify before Christmas. However we wont if this inventory issue continues.


Thanks, Tui

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We have the similar problem... but we would like Shopify to handle it a little differently:

1) we have 3 warehouse locations: USA, Asia, and EU

2) We a) track inventory, and b) box is NOT checked to continue selling when out of stock

3) For example, if our Asia warehouse is out of something, we would like Shopify to show "out of stock" for orders shipping from Asia warehouse... but Shopify appears to allow item to go negative. This does make sense to us...

I would think Shopify would: if box is NOT checked to continue selling when out of stock to 1) state product is "out of stock" 2) have option to ship from a different location, then that location inventory would be deducted.

Any comments?



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This is happening for us as well but I can't get in contact with anyone to help.

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We're seeing the same issue. We have three locations that we fulfill from and have de-selected "continue selling when out of stock" and select "track quantity" for all inventory items. We have seen on multiple occasions where Shopify will deduct inventory from a location where there is zero inventory and take the quantity to a negative amount when there is inventory available at other locations. I called Shopify about a month ago and they said they were aware of the issue and were working on a fix. Still waiting for Shopify... 


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Has anyone heard any news on this issue? 

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We are still having this issue... Shopify deducts from warehouse without inventory... no contact from Shopify... very disappointing 😞

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Same issue here...  3 warehouses across the globe, each with their own inventory. How is Shopify not able to handle this properly - seems this would be tablestakes for the world's largest eCommerce platform.

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Same here. We need support from the shopify team. Annoying bug

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Is there any update in the meantime on that? We would need an explanation on the exact same issue. It is a lot of effort to change the stock everytime there is a product sold in any of the stock locations. 

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Hi, is there any news on this topic?

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Still no feedback here?

I have a 3rd party fulfilling my web orders and the ability for customers to collect from my retail shop. If retail runs out of stock the website continues to sell for pickup if theres stock in the 3rd party warehouse!