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I am trying to run a T-Shirt small business through Shopify and am having trouble with the inventory aspect of my stock. So here's where I'm running into problems:


Let's say I have 3 different designs of a t-shirt (Design A,B, and C). Now let's say I only have about 12 Black colored t-shirts in my inventory. Is there a way where I can group the black shirts together instead of splitting them up (4 shirts per design)? So instead of having to manually decrease the stock, I can have a system where the inventory is pooled out from the 12 total shirts instead. Is this possible? Is there an app I can use? Preferably free as I am just starting out.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible out of the box, but there is a workaround performed using an app.

Here is one:

I hope the answer is helpful.

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