Inventory updates for UK Card Reader

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I'm going to start doing a few pop-up shops at various markets over the next couple of months, so I'm looking at the new card reader which has been recently released in the UK. 

My stock is all in a warehouse and I will be taking out some of this stock for the fairs, so I dont want the inventory to be updated when I process a transaction at the pop-up. I need inventory tracking to still be in place for anyone who purchases online while I'm at the fair.

Is it possible to switch the inventory updates off for all purchases made with the card reader?

Also, interested in any other feedback on the card reader and whether you're pleased with it? 



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Shopify Staff
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Hi Gemma!

First of all, I want to wish you a lot of success at the pop-up markets, that sounds like a lot of fun. :)

The POS system is designed to sync a product's inventory for both in-person and online sales, when using Shopify's inventory tracking feature. For this reason, there isn't a setting to stop tracking inventory for your POS or card reader transactions only.

This said, the best way to prepare for the pop-ups would be to duplicate the products you plan on selling there. You can set them to only be visible on the POS, so your online store won't be flooded with double products. I would suggest putting them in their own collection as well. This way, you can filter the POS to only show this collection during your events. 

You might consider keeping inventory tracking on for these separate products too, so that way you can easily count how many were sold at the pop-ups and use it to update your final totals when you're finished. :)

Perhaps some other posters can chime in with feedback on the EMV reader.

Have fun selling!