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I am getting incorrect inventory numbers on both our online store and our new POS system thru Shopify. Has anyone else had an issue with this? I am having issues with somethings in my inventory being to high and missing some items. 

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We are having similar issues. Product shows in sold items but in the product inventory history. Trying to figure out why. We have 10 POS users.


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We have 7 users, a physical location with curbside pick-up, online ordering
for in store or curbside and an online store for shipping. Online shipping
inventories and in store inventories are being kept separate (Mainly
because we can't make it work for a single inventory per item). If you find
out anything please let me know, thanks.
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Kerns, could you explain a bit more about how you "can't make it work for a single inventory per item"? Is that a limitation for your business or a problem/limitation with shopify's POS? That is the main reason I was looking to move into using their POS, because we sell online and in store from one inventory, and I wanted both sales channels (in store and ecommerce) to use 1 single shared inventory.

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It works if we did not offer online purchasing for curb-side pick-up. You
have to assign a shipping rate to an item, each item can only have 1
shipping rate. We needed our items to have 2, so we had to generate a
duplicate item with the different rate.
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Hello Kerns, are you updating inventory via product import csv. If so, it doesn't work anymore. Try updating via inventory csv in inventory section it should work fine. We had the same issue and this how we sorted it out. Please do let me know if you need any further help.

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