iPad and POS Go and WiFi Printer Connectoin

iPad and POS Go and WiFi Printer Connectoin

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I have an older system with the tap and swipe credit card reader, a barcode reader, a cash drawer and a printer that connects via Bluetooth to my iPad.  My iPad has mobile connectivity.  I recently purchased the new countertop bundle for USB-C for a new setup.  I do craft shows and use my system on the go.


I use my iPad as the WiFi hotspot and the new POS printer comes with a Wi-Fi LAN box but wants to be on the SAME Wi-Fi as my iPad. Since the iPad is being used as a hotspot this can't happen. I wanted to use the POS Go only for customer interfacing.


I know one option is to get a mobile hotspot and connect them all via the hotspot, but I pay for mobile service on my iPad just for this equipment. I pay $5/month for mobile connection on my iPad and the mobile hotspot would be more for using only 4 months a year.  Another option is to use the POS Go as the main POS device and connect them all to my iPad via Wifi...this way they would all be on the same WiFi.  This won't work for me as I bought this specifically to have the POS Go customer facing.


Does anyone have any suggestions on some other workarounds or ways to connect this together before I send this new POS system back? I was on the phone with Shopify for over 3 hours yesterday and never got a resolution before I had to end the call.


Side note:  Shopify needs a better way to provide tech support.  I first connect to a customer service rep who reads the typical suggestions from a script, I get that, even though I'm an IT person and did all that, I went through it all again.  When that doesn't work the customer service rep chats online with the more technical person, and then is just a go between. That's not efficient or obviously effective.  I had to end the call to go into a virtual doctor's appointment, so the only recommendation I have is to send it all back.

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