Is a retail POS necessary for in-store dropshipping?

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Hi All, 


I sell high end massage chairs and have been doing so online only on Shopify for the past 6 months.  A few weeks ago, I took a small space inside of another store and have 5 chair floor models on display for people to try.  I do not hold inventory at the store (just the demo/display models) so everything is still shipped direct from the manufacturer (dropshipped).  Does it make sense to use the Shopify POS app and take payments in person or should I just have customers use their phone or my computer at the store to go to my website and purchase?

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The only perk I could see from taking payment in person is that your cc processing fees are slightly less when the card is present vs remote. That being said, Shopify charges a lot for their POS and are constantly “updating” different functions that end up being way more frustrating and clunky for business owners.  I do not recommend!