Is it possible to authorize payments using ShopPay from the backend?

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Is it possible to use ShopPay from the backend?

We work with a lot of small businesses / offices. Common scenario for us - they place a first order. Then they have recurring orders, that they often place by email or phone. We have to call them back and ask for CC information.

Customer keep telling us: "But I gave CC already , don't you have it???" . Since we try to be PCI compliant - we don't want to store it anywhere.

What can we do to make it convenient for customers? If they check out using ShopPay - can we somehow use that feature from the backend to authorize payments?

A few of the subscribe & pay apps out there in the App Store - wont' work for us. These are not recurring orders monthly. THey can be at any time - sometimes 1 week and sometimes 1 month passes between orders.

Any suggestions?

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