Is it possible to track pre-purchased products for later pickup on POS app?

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I am wondering if their is a way to do some type of sales order on your POS app. We have a program where customers can pre-purchase our products and pickup any quantity at any time. On our old POS system we kept track of this using what they called sales Orders but I can't see any way to do that here. I need a customer to be able to buy any quantity of an item and pay for it then be able to come back and pickup some or all of their order at a different time. I also need to be able to allow them to pickup that item or any of its variants. Is this even possible?

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A few things:

- You mention POS. You can check out any item in POS even if it's 0
inventory, or even if it's marked as not allowed to be sold when out of
stock. POS can sell through anyway.

- You can change these products to "Continue selling when out of stock" so
even online customers can buy when the inventory is zero or negative.

- If you mean real sales orders in POS where customers can order out of
stock items and it distinguishes these (pre)sales items from normal
fulfilled items, you can mark an entire receipt in POS as fulfilled or
unfulfilled. There's a default of your choice but you can override that on
a per-receipt basis.

- If you mean real sales orders in POS where you can mark different items
on the same receipt fulfilled/unfulfilled, that's not possible.

- I looked at this app at one point, but don't remember why it wasn't
working for us. I think they
say it can do per-line-item attributes.