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Is the Shopify Help Centre emailing about low traffic due to missing sales tools?

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  • Im getting a lot of emails by people claiming there from shopify help centre, im curious would this be true?
  • there claiming my traffic is very low because im missing some modern and recent shopify update sales conversion tools, is this true?
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I don't think it is. It sounds like spam. Usually if Shopify has an issue with your account or wants to alert you to the fact that a feature is being removed or added, they have a banner warning when you log into your store. There's a lot of predatory Shopify stuff going on out there. Visit a Facebook group to see everybody selling their services to "increase traffic." Without seeing the email myself, I have to say it sounds a lot like that.


Increasing your traffic isn't a secret. Some basic ways to drive traffic are to improve SEO, create content for marketing purposes, and utilize email as your most reliable form of driving repeat visits. You can try paid ads, of course. I know many still recommend Facebook as the easiest and cheapest way to run ads. TikTok is a whole new area; if you can learn to use it, you might see interesting results.