Is their a product offering personalised and preferably digital receipts on Shopify POS?

Is their a product offering personalised and preferably digital receipts on Shopify POS?

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Our own POS offers digital receipts but has a bad UX and offers no customer insights

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Shopify Partner
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At refive, we have partnering with Shopify POS to enable engagement and customer retention capabilities at the store checkout.


What advantages do you get with Refive's digital receipts?


  • Flexible and integrates into your processes vs POS provider has certain solution for digital receipts
    • e.g. some POS provider enable digital receipts via simple email, others via QR-Code on display
    • We offer the most flexible and dynamic solution fit to your processes and usecase - while beeing integrated and frictionless in your POS
  • More insight and connection
    • We connect the receipt to the individual who is taking it, thereby providing you with valuable insight about each customer and their journey. We also create a direct connection to your offline customer which you can use to interact and stay in contact even after their visit
  • Dynamic content
    • We enable you to use the digital receipt as a whole new touchpoint, while POS-Providers simply solve the need of no longer needing to print receipts.
      • refive enables multiple ways to leverage the digital receipt to engage and retain your customers. For example you can connect or provide a loyalty program via the digital receipt, thereby increasing visibility and reach for it.
      • You can cross and up-sell with offers direclty on the receipt
      • provide valuable product information
      • Gather feedback and much more…

NIL disruption of your store processes | All data is owned by customer | Positive ROI within first 6 months

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