Is there a fix for the Tap and Chip Reader's flawed design?

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We just got the retail kit for our store opening in April. I connected the tap and chip reader to the POS via iPad and it was great for the moment. I returned to the store the next day and it was disconnected. I then learned that it was really “asleep”. The only way to “wake” the tap and chip reader was by taking it out of the docking station and pressing the blue button. I tried this and it did not work. I had to forget the reader from my iPads Bluetooth and pair again. Does Shopify have any plans of fixing this? 1.) this is a terrible dock design, at least give us access to the blue button without having to remove the reader from the dock! 2.) the reader should not be that hard to get working again the next day. This is a terrible experience for my employees and of the customer who will be standing right in front of us when we are fumbling with this terrible design. 

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I'm having the same issue with the tap and chip card reader - it goes to sleep and won't reconnect without going through a convoluted process to make both the iPad and the Shopify POS app forget the card reader and then reconnecting it. It's frustrating for my employees and customers, too.

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We are also having this issue!  Having to reconnect the reader multiple times a day.  Such a pain an it makes us look unprofessional.  

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Also having this issue repeatedly. If it's plugged in it should never enter sleep mode. Very inconvenient to have customers waiting as I fiddle with it to get it to reconnect. Sincerely considering another POS system if this isn't resolved.

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Hello, we are also having the same issue.   Shopify Tech Support suggested a 25-step reboot/disconnect/reconnect process, which works for about an hour....then disconnected again.  HELLO SHOPIFY DO YOU HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS?  YOU CANNOT RUN A BUSY RETAIL BUSINESS WITHOUT A FAST CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SOLUTION.

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We are having the same issue. I am trying to see if I can find any information on hardwire via USB to my Tablet. I am going as far as getting a Window Tablet with USB port to see if the reader would connect, stay connected and work. This is extremely frustrating. Shopify new feature of Tap & Chip for Iphone via Apple Pay is working as well as their Tap & Chip Device.