Is there a report where you can see the partial payments of a sale and the amount to be paid?

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In my store are made with partial payments, but when wanting to monitor daily sales with the report I only see the total sale, if all day I sold $ 5,000 but there were several sales partially paid in the report I see the $ 5,000 but it does not indicate what was charged that day and what is still to be paid.

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We typically use this mechanism for layaways and special orders (of items we've never carried before). In vetting Shopify POS, I was unable to extract meaningful details from out of the box Shopify (e.g. - customer balances owing, stocked items reserved on layaway, etc.). I had to leverage the API in order to get the information I needed. If you have the internal resources or wish to solicit and partner development group then that's an angle 🙂