Is transitioning from Intuit POS to Shopify easy for a farm equipment dealership?

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We were told yesterday by intuit they will no longer support the POS they forced us into 15 years ago.

They tell us they are working with Shopify to possibly run in conjunction with our  main office puter.

We are wondering if this will be a seamless transsition ??

Our farm equipment dealership currently has over 23,000 part numbers, descriptions, prices, bin qty, bin locations.

Also have around 2,000 customers and 300 vendors.

We get paid by cash, credit card, and monthly charge accounts.

We do not " scan " items in or out, we do it all by hand ( what we like ).

Is this going to be a huge pain in the butt ??

Is it hard to learn ?

We only have 1 main puter in secretary office and 1 at the parts counter sales.

We are both over 60 and set in our ways and believe me, We Are Not Computer Gurus !

Need input on this please....

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We switched our retail store from QB POS to Shopify back in 2020 and it's awesome.  There is a learning curve however and yes it will be a pain in the butt.  Importing your inventory is probably going to be the biggest pain especially with that amount of items.  I think we had around that many when we switched over.  I watched a ton of youtube videos about the item import process and ran test imports just to make sure I was doing it correctly.  Good luck!

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According to the Intuit press release, “Shopify will provide QuickBooks Point of Sale customers who choose to make the transition with a free migration tool, premium onboarding, free 24/7 support, and exclusive software and hardware discounts”. It also says that “You will be able to migrate your Customer, Vendor and Product lists”. So it sounds like you might get some assistance with the process to bring all that data over.


You will probably need to plan for some new hardware though. While the back-end management can be accessed via a browser on any of your computers, the actual Point of Sale is iPad/Android tablet-based, not Windows. It will likely feel “different” for a bit, but we bought our system over from RMS last year and our staff warmed to Shopify POS very quickly.

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We are in the same boat.  I'd love to read more current user opinions from multi-store users about the pros and cons of Shopify POS system.  Unfortunately, we had just purchased new Intuit hardware, computers, etc for 3 new POS terminals in one store.   Video conferencing a demo is okay but it doesn't let a potential buyer work around to learn everything we need to know. 

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We have had quite a few QBPOS users contact us for demos, but you can also just download the demo at Its the full copy of the program, no time limits, freemium features, or limitations. You can even import your own inventory into the demo and play around to see if its a good fit. Our youtube channel has tutorials of common features as well. happy pos searching!

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Is this link for Shopify POS?

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RetailEdge is its own POS and inventory management software since 1989. I just want to make people aware that there are other and better options out there than what Intuit is corralling it's users into. 🙂

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I'm in the same boat.  From what I can tell it would be a seamless transition for you.  Only problem is you'll have to learn to navigate a new POS program, and most likely have an update credit card processing machine.


Did you make the switch? I've waited until the last minute and can't decide what to do.




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Hey @DickB my suggestion would be to hire someone on who is a 'Computer guru' and embrace the change rather than fight it. Shopify POS will be good for your retail store, though there are elements that you might still need another system for such as the bin locations and inventory control. 


For this you should check out SKUSavvy which is a  WMS that works with Shopify and Shopify POS to provide you with an easy to use visual map of your inventory around your bins. You can also use SKUSavvy to handle purchase orders, check-in of stock, picking of online orders, packaging and shipping as well. It communicates through Shopify to the POS and takes down all orders as well as helping you to plan new purchases. 


If the inventory control and bin locations are a major pain after switching to Shopify POS you might want to check this out. 


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