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 I have been using google shopping for over a year now and have switched from about 2-3 different companies that manage the advertising/marketing for my shop. My issue is these companies haven't been the best at performing or communicating what is going on with our google shopping. (Very underwhelming). Reaching out to see if you have any references or companies you use that manage your google advertising/shopping that have given you success in sales?

We have used Sales & Orders in the pass, and two other companies found on our own.


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Based on the sentence, I'm trying to understand the issue you have. So you're saying that you did not get weekly reports? How your campaigns are performing?

With the clients I work with, I actually do not create reports, I let Google Ads handle this. So you can go to Google Ads > top right corner > reports > start by using any of the pre-defined templates.

I tell my clients if they need specific reports to let me know and I will create them.

Other than that my clients have access to a task manager that they can follow all the big changes and pending tasks I complete.

The majority of my clients, actually, look at all the data themselves as they are all heavily involved in the progress of the advertising.

My advice to you is when you are about to hire someone, make sure to give your requirements prior to hiring, to avoid jumping around too much.  Using too many different managers in a short amount of time, may damage your performance.

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