Issue with new update processing cash orders

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Hi, has anyone else just updated to the new Shopify POS app version 7.0.1 and having any new issues?


Since updating when we take a cash sale we are having issues where it would say Payment cancelled by customer (see photo attached). This is just after you put how much cash the customer has given you. 


We have a temporary fix where we clear the app then re open it and it loads back up then process the cash sale again and most of the time it goes through. 


We have raised with Shopify on the online chat and they have taken the logs. Just wondering if anyone else is having any issues like this?

This is the error message we get after selecting how much cash the customer has given us.This is the error message we get after selecting how much cash the customer has given us.

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Same issue here. 

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Glad to hear we are not alone. I messaged shopify support who then said they would email the development team and let me know. But that was on Saturday and still waiting. 


I have managed to figure out what the issue is. Its to do with the wise pad card reader cancelling the sale when you press cash. If you press the amount tendered before the cancel screen has gone off the card reader it says customer cancelled payment. But if you wait a few seconds for the card reader screen to go back to the blank stripe screen it will go through okay.


I hope this helps in the time being. But hopefully they sort it soon. 


We have 2 tills and are having an issue where every couple of hours they forget which cash draw / receipt printer they should have saved as default. Its not that big of a deal as can just go into setting and toggle the correct default printer back on then it works again. But it is still annoying.

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We are having other problems with 7.0.1. Tiles are bigger, which isn't a problem, but the counting tool is no longer functional, the next button appears to be missing.

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Yes I noticed the tiles. I wish there was an option to customise the size of them. 


I have also had the same issue with the counting tool nothing happens when you click enter. You have to manually scroll to the next amount. 

Another thing we have had issues with is when you do a refund for cash the till draw no longer opens automatically. So you then have to remember how much the refund is for and go back to the tiles to open the draw.