Item Purchase Restrictions

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Looking to restrict purchase ability of add on products by apply conditions. For example a customer can only add on an smaller item if they are already buying a subscription or larger item.


Ideally these add-on items could have their own page. Is there an app or a set of rules that can be applied to help with this?




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Hey AKHomePack, 

The option for limiting items on the POS would come down to staff training. For the online store, there can be a few different ways to limit purchase or visibility of items from amazing apps like Locksmith (here) to some workarounds using shipping rates, custom api solutions, or other conditional apps. The one thing I will say is Shopify excels at allowing people to buy things and trying to limit sales can be tougher than it seems. 

Let me know if you have any questions or more specifics around what you are trying to achieve here!