Layaway App Request

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Hi we have been in retail for 26 years and have a loyal customer base many of which like to do layaways. 

Im looking for a POS app developer to design a robust/modern layaway app.

Below are the basic requests for a functional Shopify layaway POS app. 

In short a Layaway is a item or items a customer wants to buy in your strore but they only pay a deposit on the item(s) to hold it at the store with their name attached to it and they will return to the store several times and make payments until the item(s) are paid in full then the store releases the item(s) to the customer.  Layaway can be a stocked item and/or non stocked items. That a customer pays a deposit on usually $20 or 10% down. 

Layaways should always be attached to a customer. "Open" Layaways (a layaway that has a balance) tickets should automatically send out periodic notifications (once a month) to the customer to come in-store to make a payment towards their balance and/or pay online towards their balance with an invoice. (the notification and invoice should show the items on layaway for the customer and each date the customer made a payment, with a balance due) 

If the person pays in full through the online invoice and they want the item(s) shipped to them the shipping rate/price should be added to the ticket.  

When they pay in full the ticket should be marked As fulfilled. (NOTE: layaways do not remain in the store after the balance is paid, they pick them up at final payment or we ship to them, if we ship the layaway should be marked as "fulfilled" when the label is printed for shipping)The ticket should remain open and unfulfilled until the customer pays in full. It would be nice to be able to easily distinguish that the ticket is a layaway and not just an unfulfilled ticket.

While the items are on layaway they should be able to be easily replaced or changed while the ticket is open in case the customer changes their mind about the item they have on layaway and they want to replace it with another item. Layaways have an indefinite time to be paid in full. However, we have not had a layaway to go beyond 1.5 years until paid. 

When a customer that has a layaway is added to a new POS ticket for a new sale. The cashier should see a notification that this customer has a layaway and should be able to easily get to that ticket to receive payment form the customer.

Or if a customer comes in the store to make a payment the cashier should only have to lookup the customer and a on-screen notification should pop up showing the customer has a layaway so the cashier can easily get to the layaway and receive payment. (in other words, the layaway should not be hard to find  in the customers buying history because this layaway can be over 6 months old, it should be very easy for the cashier to see, for speedy/fast checkout process) 

That’s the basics of a modern layaway system that Shopify POS needs for many brick and mortar retail stores. 

This layaway app would be an asset to Shopify POS. 

Thanks tim

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It is crazy for a pos not to have layaway. Come on Shopify don't make us move