Link two separate SKUs as items are always sold together

Link two separate SKUs as items are always sold together

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I am hoping someone can tell me if this is possible. So, basically, I sell a hat in-store and online. In-store, you are given the option to purchase the hat with or without a magnet attachment to the brim. The magnet has a separate SKU from the hat is about $2. However, when you buy the hat online (via Shopify), the magnet is automatically included with every order of this hat. We don't want people to be able to choose to not buy the magnet online, though we are not entirely opposed to this idea. At the moment though, we'd prefer to keep it all together as one item for our online orders. 



So, the hat, in-store, is $54 with the option to add the $2 magnet. Online, it is $56 to accommodate for the cost of that additional magnet, as you do not have an option to not choose to buy the magnet. The primary issue is that we are not able to take out inventory for the magnet whenever the hat is sold online. We have to go manually adjust our inventory  for the magnets every time someone buys a hat online. 


Please note, we do use two different systems: our in-store sales is through Counterpoint, our online is Shopify.  All our inventory is hosted through Counterpoint, so basically Shopify draws its inventory counts from whatever Counterpoint has, and Counterpoint deducts inventory every time something is sold through Shopify. Not sure if this might impact the answer.


Is there anyway to link the SKUs for the hat and the magnet so that every time someone orders a hat online, it automatically deducts a magnet from inventory as well?

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