Migrating Barcode Issue - Lightspeed to Shopify - One Extra Number

Migrating Barcode Issue - Lightspeed to Shopify - One Extra Number

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Hi, I'm attempting to migrate my POS from Lightspeed to Shopify. I was able to download a spreadsheet of all of my products with UPC numbers from Lightspeed. Unfortunately the number that Lightspeed allows you to download is not the same as what is printed on my products. The printed number on my products has one additional digit at the end. I'm told that this number is there to validate the UPC.  Unfortunately  when I try to scan any of my products with the Shopify Go scanner it doesn't find the product because of the additional number on the printed barcode. 


The work around that I've been using is that I scan the product into the search field on the Shopify Go device and then manually delete the last number. When I get rid of that number it finds the product and I can add it to the sale. Obviously this isn't an ideal solution. 


I'm trying to figure out a way to fix this problem and I'm open to any solution including an app, custom code, using different hardware, anything that keeps me from having to retag 5000+ products. I simply need whatever scanner I'm using to ignore the last number in the code.


Any help that will get me closer to a solution would be much appreciated. 


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Have you tried opening the exported lightspeed csv file with LibraOffice?

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Probably too late for you, but I think we can generate the check digit in excel and add it to the upc number exported from Lightspeed and upload.